SAIR: Slackline Safety

Slackline Accident and Injury Reports (SAIR)

Together with the International Slackline Association, we’re gathering data on slackline gear failures, rigging mistakes, near misses, injuries and other incidents. This data helps us evaluate common failure modes and typical injuries and offer advice to help keep our community safe. Additionally, statistics go a long way in convincing cities that slacklining is safe and helping insurance agents evaluate slacklining as a sport for business and performance purposes.

Please help us out by submitting a report for any accident / injury / or near miss where you were involved and pass on this information to others.

Slackline Accident and Injury Report Form

The report form is short. If you have photos related to a report, these can be emailed to us at

Slackline Accident and Injury Report (SAIR) Publications

SAIR Annual Analysis

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Summary Blog: 2015 Report

International Slackline Association Accident and Incident Report 2015 (full .pdf)

Accident Reports:

Reports of specific incidents coming soon. Please submit reports of any injury, near injury, gear failure, or other mishap. We are collecting this data to provide resources and data for the community.

Accident Warnings:

Highline Injury Report – Catch and Leashfall Incidents (Jan 2016)
(Available in English)

Eardrum puncture risk while waterlining (Oct 2015)
(Available in English, German, French, Dutch)

Gear and Safety Warnings

Midlines – low highlines (Nov 2015)
(Available in English, German)

Webbing slippage in low-tension highlines (Nov 2015)
(Available in English)


More safety information can be found in our publications and fliers.