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Rigging Resources

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Slackline Accident and Incident Reports

These fliers are available in other languages on the International Slackline Association website.


Slackline Fliers

Slackline Basics – 2015 (.jpeg and .pdf)

grundsatzflyer_A5_EN_final2015_print   grundsatzflyer_A5_EN_final2015_print2
Download as .jpeg files:
Page 1
Page 2
Download as .pdf files:
English – Printing format with bleed marks A4
English – Printing format with bleed marks 8.5×11


Tree Protection (.png and .pdf)


English (.pdf)
English page 1 (.jpg)
English page 2 (.jpg)

Under Pressure – Study

Impact of slings and tree protection on distribution of pressure

Download English .pdf file:

Highline Leash Safety (.jpg and .pdf)

Basic principles of highline leash safety.


English (.pdf)
English (.jpg)

Slackline Principles (.jpeg and .pdf)

Download as .pdf files:
English or Spanish

Slackline for Passersby

Slackline Explanation for Passersby – English (.pdf)
This file explains the basics of what slacklining is and the different forms. It also offers a few safety notes.

Rigging Resources

Longline Recommendations

isa_longline_recommendations_en_20160605_rz_titlesm isa_longline_recommendations_en_20160605_rz_textsm swiss_slackline_grundsatz-flyer_A4_20150427

English – Web version (.pdf)
English – Print version (.pdf)

Important Points for Highline Safety (.pdf)

English (NEW VERSION, March, 2017, v4)Highline – Important Points – EN v4 (.pdf)

English (.pdf)

Access Management Resources

Slackline Access to Public Lands (.pdf)

Slackline Access to Public Lands

Download as .pdf files:

Enriching Public Space – 2015

YIA-Enriching-Public-Space_en_v1 (.pdf)YIA-Enriching-Public-Space-p1


Slackline Accident and Injury Report (SAIR) Publications)

SAIR Annual Analysis

accident-and-injury-report-2015-final-en_page_01accident-and-injury-report-2015-final_page_04 accident-and-injury-report-2015-final_page_07

International Slackline Association Accident and Incident Report 2015

Summary Blog: 2015 Report

Accident Warnings:

Highline Injury Report – Catch and Leashfall Incidents (Jan 2016)
(Available in English)

Eardrum puncture risk while waterlining (Oct 2015)
(Available in English, German, French, Dutch)

Gear and Safety Warnings

Midlines – low highlines (Nov 2015)
(Available in English, German)

Webbing slippage in low-tension highlines (Nov 2015)
(Available in English)
Many of these files were produced by our partner, Swiss Slackline, and are being translated into many languages by volunteers of the International Slackline Association (ISA). Copies of these files in other languages can be found on the International Slackline Association website.