Available and Ongoing Projects
Access Report Form – Collect records on access issues, maintain records, assist on a case by case basis
Access Guidelines and Template Materials – See our “Access to Public Lands” document and other materials under Publications.
Accident ReportingSubmit a report. Data from accident reporting is being analyzed and published on a regular basis.
Conservation & Stewardship – Some materials are available in our Publications. Material development is ongoing.

Future Projects
Community forum – In development.
Detailed Slackline History – In development.
Develop Teaching and Rigging Certification – International partnership coordinated by the International Slackline Association, ongoing, not expected completed until 2016.
Gear Database – Create a single online resource of all available slackline gear with ability to compare.
Records Reporting – Currently maintained by the International Slackline Association.
Slackline & Highline Beta – Collaborating with existing SlackMap projects. See and
Slackline Rigging – Providing educational resources to foster safe rigging practices.

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