Gear Discounts

Slackline U.S. members now have access to gear discounts with a wide variety of brands. Your membership fee can easily be paid for by one purchase at 30-70% of retail prices. 

Event Discounts

Slackline U.S. members get discounts on tickets to Slackline U.S. events like GGBY.

Free or Reduced Training Workshops

Slackline U.S. members get free access to our new online and in-person Ambassador Leadership Training Program along with free or discounted access to other Slackline U.S. and partnership trainings.  

Prioritized Support

Slackline U.S. members get prioritized one-on-one support for slackline related questions and issues (i.e. access or knowledge issues). While non-members get one-on-one support for questions, member issues are fast tracked and answered within two to three business days.

More Benefits Coming Soon!