Information for Potential Partners

What is Slackline U.S.?

Slackline U.S. is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit organization dedicated to the slackline community and modeled after the American Alpine Club and the Access Fund.

Mission Statement: Slackline U.S. aims to assist in access management for the slackline community, encourage conservation, and foster safe practices in all forms of slacklining through education and community development.

The primary focus of Slackline U.S. is to support the slackline community. We do this by assisting with access management, consolidating gear and rigging knowledge and providing rigging educational resources, coordinating efforts of local groups and providing organizational support, developing youth outreach programs, and connecting with the International Slackline Association.

EIN: 473546503

Why partner with Slackline U.S.?

We’re working to build the slackline community in the U.S., a unique collection of athletes and adventurers who cross lines and market boundaries. Though slacklining began in the 1970s, it is only in the past ~8 years that the sport has seen near exponential growth. A recent slackliner demographics survey received more than 1400 responses in two days and represents only a fraction of the community. Slackliners are often also yoga practitioners, climbers, skydivers, mountain bicyclists, etc. Our cross community nature makes us natural ambassadors. And, our photos are striking.

Photo by Nate Alexander

Scott Rogers - Longs Peak highline Scott Turpin









What are our current initiatives?

Conservation and Access Management – Promoting a minimal impact slackline culture, minimizing the use of bolts, replacing poor quality bolts, and organizing cleanup events. Speaking on behalf of the slackline community and interacting with the Access Fund, BLM, National Parks Services, etc. to help develop and maintain access for slacklining in public lands. Gathering reports of access issues and assisting wherever possible.

At-risk-youth outreach – Slackline U.S. is currently organizing a new outreach initiative to bring slacklining to at-risk youth through cooperation with local organizations. For many slackliners, learning to slackline provided an escape from a drug culture or otherwise self-destructive lifestyle. We wish to help these people share that experience and promote slacklining as an alternative pastime for at-risk youth.

Grants for members for exceptional projects – We want to encourage social slacklining and exploration. To do this, we’re offering grants to our members to fund unique expeditions and social impact projects.

Publications – Scaling up the printing and distribution of slackline safety materials, safe practices guidelines, fliers advocating tree protection and conservation. Funding studies on tree health and slacklining, gathering accident and injury reports, publishing data.

General Management – Building up the infrastructure of the organization as we grow. Slackline U.S. is currently an entirely volunteer operation with a core network of 10 people and dozens more volunteers on a per project basis. Funding for part time staff, publication costs, and outreach budgets would greatly increase our reach and productivity.

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