This is the 10th year of GGBY and the first year the festival is being officially organized due to the severe environmental impact of a growing gathering in a sensitive desert ecosystem.
Minimizing human impact on the environment while maintaining the highlining activities and spirit of GGBY is our guiding principle this year. Slackline US and local GGBY facilitators are working with local land managers and officials to keep GGBY going while being great stewards to the Fruit Bowl Highline Area.

Everyone coming to the festival this year must have a ticket. However, this is a non-profit venture. Tickets are carefully priced to cover the expenses of the event with a small buffer to handle unexpected expenses.

GGBY 2017 is being organized by a team of volunteers. If there is an excess after the event, that money will stay with Slackline U.S. in a special fund dedicated to taking care of GGBY and the Fruit Bowl. No one is making a profit on this event. 


GGBY 2017 Tickets are $150
For the price details, read below.


Taz, the designer of the 2016 and 2015 shirts has created a sweet design for the 2017 shirts. Shirts are available for pre-order now at Silent Studios.


There is currently an unofficial parking lot that holds 15 cars. Last year at GGBY, we counted 220 cars parked on the sensitive desert soil. That’s not to say that anyone did anything wrong. We didn’t have a better option. This year, we do. We’re organizing shuttles to parking about 1 mile from the Fruit Bowl parking lot. And possibly shuttles from town.


There are no permanent toilets at the Fruit Bowl Highline area currently. Last year, we supplied 5 bucket toilets and hauled out 35 gallons of human waste. With around 400 people on site at the peak, we know that was only a portion of the total waste. It was a start. This year, we’ll have more and better toilet systems.


Local juniper wood grows slowly and is very slow to replenish. Buying and hauling in firewood can get expensive and takes up valuable room in a vehicle. To avoid either situation, we’re providing firewood for the community to use at will.


Any gathering of people that involves significant parking on public land requires a permit. For years, GGBY has avoided being permitted in part because permits require insurance and insuring highline events hasn’t been realistic. However, as the publicity surrounding GGBY grows, and as the event grows, the environmental impact is increasing to a point where the land managers involved have to require permits this year. Permits give them a budget to help us manage our impact.


The permits require insurance. Additionally, for any organization to host such a large event without insurance would put the organization at risk. For these reasons, GGBY will have liability insurance this year to protect Slackline U.S., the other organizers, and the land managers in case of any issues.


We’re organizing a team of experienced riggers with a solid collection of equipment to rig all of the lines well and inspect the rigging daily. We’ll also have rescue kits on site and two slackliner medics on call all day during the festival in case of any incidents or injuries. After GGBY, all rigging equipment and hardware acquired for the gathering will be made available to other organized festivals during the rest of the year through Slackline U.S.

See you at GGBY!

The ticket price for GGBY 2017 are set at $150. Slackline U.S. members get a $10 discount on tickets. See below for a breakdown of the cost.

GGBY Ticket price breakdown v2


*** Please support our Leave No Trace efforts by joining us during the event dates and minimizing the overflow in the week before and after, and practicing Leave No Trace every day of the year. ***

GGBY Highline Festival 2017 will be held from November 21-25.

For a glimpse at what GGBY 2016 was like:

Slacker from Red Bull on Vimeo.