One of the primary goals of Slackline U.S. was born out of a desire to prevent needless incidents in our community by making rigging and safety information more easily accessible. Towards this end, we are focusing much of our efforts on education and information resources.

We are in the process of curating data gathered by the International Slacklining Association and other sources and converting this information into more usable sources.  We are looking for graphic designers, programmers, experienced riggers, gear designers, and other volunteers interested in helping with this project. Please see our volunteer page.

One source of information we will be publishing regularly are “Highline Rigging Case Studies”. These case studies will take detailed photos of actual highline rigs and break down the details noting which aspects are ideal, sufficient, or insufficient for safe rigging practices. If you are interested in providing photos of a rig to be analyzed, or would like to be involved in creating the case studies, please let us know by writing to us at