Ambassador Program


Slacklining has exploded in popularity over the last ten years. The growing love of the sport however, has created greater demands on public parks and other recreational areas. Legal and regulatory bodies have not been able to keep up with the growing demand of the sport and that has caused strains to balance the desire to slackline and the responsibility to handle land management issues and other uses. Slackline U.S. is at the center of this issue and receives many phone calls and emails from locals all over the U.S. requesting advice, knowledge, and support. By 2018, Slackline U.S. President, Dan Walsh, realized there was a great need to establish a network of trained local leaders across the country who could handle issues, develop leadership and management skills, and welcome others into their communities. Slackline U.S. with its volunteer Board of Directors and other coordinators simply did not have the infrastructure or person power to know or handle the thousands of unique private, local, state, and federal issues around slacklining. The need for more localized intelligence and specialization became apparent to Slackline U.S. Out of this came the Ambassador Training program which had two clinics in 2018, one at Breathe and one at GGBY. By 2019,  the program had learned lessons from its first year of implementation and a curriculum revamp and better structure were developed over six months with the addition of two Program Leaders, Cam Nelson and Jesse Faircloth, who worked on revitalizing the curriculum with case studies, best practices around access and conservation, and a final project that would be evaluated in order to become an Ambassador. Cam, Jesse, and Dan then taught the new curriculum at GGBY 2019 and by December 2019, the new curriculum was not only going to be offered at slackline gatherings but went live online for anyone to be able to access! 


The Ambassador Leadership Program is a skills development and project-based program designed to help individuals develop skills in initiative planning, issue resolution, and community engagement to become a leader within your local community.  Slackline U.S. members that complete this program will be certified as Slackline U.S. Ambassadors. Being a Slackline U.S. Ambassador means that you have taken an initiative to offer your community value through slacklining! The skills developed in this program have been inspired from other community initiatives and adjusted for slackline communities.  The program is both content and project based to allow trainees to demonstrate competency in the knowledge and practices that support the mission of Slackline U.S. and leadership through an evaluated community project that serves the public good. Ultimately, the program seeks to develop a wide national network of proven, peer-reviewed leaders who can support not only each other but those new to the community and the public at large who are looking for local resources. 

The program consists of two parts:

1)  Online Module-based training OR in-person workshop (offered currently at Breathe and GGBY)

2)  Community Project that is evaluated by the Ambassador Educational Committee

Why become an Ambassador?

There are many benefits to becoming a Slackline U.S. Ambassador:

  • Recognition by Slackline U.S., the national slacklining organization, as a proven leader in the slackline community.
  • Get free help and mentoring from experienced leaders in the community on your slacklining project and leadership portfolio.
  • Resume and portfolio creation to advance your standing in the public eye and confidence when developing future projects.
  • Access to a national and worldwide network of the most experienced leaders in the slackline community.
  • Leadership and skills training.
  • Prioritized status for involvement in Slackline U.S. projects across the country or with its partners.
  • Discounts and/or free access to Slackline U.S. events, training, courses, etc.
  • Huge discounts on gear, clothing, and supplies as a Slackline U.S. Member through our exclusive Experticity portal.


  1. To become a Slackline U.S. Ambassador, you must complete a project involving slacklining and your local community. The project must be for the Public Good and not for your own personal brand or company.
  2. Complete a filled out action plan PDF | WORD
  3. Document your project (see requirements below)
  4. Submit your project (see submission process below)
  5. Be a Slackline U.S. member
    • Once you become a Slackline U.S. Member you will have access to the Ambassador Training Program Module. It will be on the right hand side of your membership portal page.


Documentation of Project

  1. 500 word article write up
    • Purpose of project
    • Project leader(s)
    • Number of attendees
    • Outcome
  2. Visual Documentation
    • Take photos of your project’s process (especially during)
    • Create a video (optional but recommended)


Submitting a Project

  1. Submit your project into the google form
  2. Send documentation content to
  3. We will get back to you within days of your submission

Ambassador Map

Looking to connect locally with Slackline U.S. in your area? Find a Slackline U.S. Ambassador using our Ambassador Map below. Use your mouse to hover over a point closest to you to get the Ambassador’s contact information.