4 thoughts on “GGBY Tickets now available!

  1. Kaleb Collins says:

    Hi there Slackers,
    I am extremely excited to attend this years event, and was wondering if I need to purchase a ticket via online, or if I can just pay upon arrival at the fruit bowl. I did notice 2 day tickets were $100 as well, but do not see that option on the website anymore. Please let me know if I can purchase a 2 day ticket upon arrival at the fruit bowl! Thank you .

  2. Kenneth Gonzalez says:

    I let someone borrow my grey black diamond momentum harness,metolious pas and a locker and never got it back if you happen to read this please leave a reply on here so I can get it back.

  3. Slackline US says:

    Hi Kaleb,
    Sorry we didn’t reply to you sooner. Once the event started, we turned off online ticket sales and had no data / wifi access as the site is pretty much off grid. Next year we plan to have someone handling communications throughout the event.

    I hope you made it out!

  4. Slackline US says:

    Hey Kenneth,
    We have some lost and found items stored in Moab. Please email us at info@slackline.us to follow up on that.


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