Slackline U.S. 2016 Summary

In 2016, Slackline U.S. stepped up all of our efforts in spreading knowledge to the slackline community, assisting with access management, and promoting conservation ethics within the community. Interested in where our resources are focused? Here’s a summary of our 2016 progress and budgets.

Volunteers & Partners



Highline Access and Anchors in America meeting, San Luis Obispo, CA 2016



SlackFlix and Chill – Slackline U.S. event in Portland, OR 2016



  • Hosted Highline Access and Anchors in America meeting in San Luis Obispo, CA – August, 2016
    • Meeting to foster a community dialog about bolting ethics, practices, and policy and land access management
  • GGBY Toilets – Provided bucket toilets and hauled 35 gallons of human waste out of the desert
  • Distributed Tree Protection publications
  • Promoted #trashbagchallenge



Total revenue for 2016 = $5,358
Total expenses for 2016 = $5,434
Net = -$76

Membership sales: $3200
Donations: $1150
Event Tickets & Raffles: $950
Sales of Fliers/Stickers online: $58

Hosting Events: $1374 (including SlackFlix and SLO Highline Access and Anchors in America meeting)**
Printing Expenses: $1303 (printing fliers and stickers to distribute)
Outreach, Lobbying and Partnerships: $1122 (Costs of attending Outdoor Retailer to build partnerships and meet with NPS, Access Fund, American Alpine Club, and other NPOs)
Legal Fees: $460 (State and Federal NPO paperwork)
GGBY Toilets: $242 (facilitated the removal of 35 gallons of human waste from the desert, hauled by Slackline U.S. volunteers)
Membership Fees: $212 (Leave No Trace and International Slackline Association membership fees)
Miscellaneous: $686 (office supplies, shipping expenses, website expenses, Facebook sponsored posts, etc.)

* This is a rough summary of the budget and may deviate slightly from final numbers.
** Both the SlackFlix and HAAA events approximately brought in almost enough revenue to cover expenses


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