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Join Slackline U.S. today or donate to our efforts and help us protect slackline access and promote safety and conservation.

Slackline U.S. is building the resources the slacklining community needs to maintain access, get great deals on gear, and connect this wonderful community. We focus on the details, like keeping slackline areas open and gathering information on new gear, rigging techniques, and safe practices, so that you can go out and play. Your membership makes a statement that you care about protecting access and providing rigging and safety information to the community.




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Membership Fee

$25 per year

Discounts on gear
Slackline U.S. members get access to big discounts with major brands including SmartWool, Hydroflask, Icebreaker, Deuter, Gregory, and more. A single purchase at 30-70% off could pay for your membership! Information will be provided by email and on the website next week.

Member-only grants
A portion of membership fees will be devoted to offering small community outreach grants (like support for a festival or park development). The more members we have, the more projects we can fund. More information will be coming soon.

Support slackline access
Access is an issue for everyone. It starts with communication and knowing how to work with local officials and is maintained by consistent conservation and stewardship efforts. Slackline U.S. will provide guidelines and template materials like Acceptable Use Policies, and connect slackliners with local officials in order to facilitate access maintenance. Additionally, we are collecting information about tree safety, the number of other cities/colleges/parks that allow slacklining, and accident data to show the relative safety of slacklining. Such information will enable better communication about the reality of slacklining as a sport. This aspect of Slackline U.S. is open to everyone regardless of membership, however membership fees will help support access development projects.

Connect with slackliners
Slackline U.S. is working with an independent map & beta project, SlackMap ( Future updates will have the Slackline U.S. access issue reporting integrated to each site. Please support the SlackMap project by signing up free on the site and adding your favorite locations to the map.–>

Slackline U.S. publications
We’re working on putting together an annual publication devoted to history, newly established locations, events, slackline records, and written accounts of adventures in slacklining worldwide which will be sent to members at no extra cost.