Andy Lewis and the #trashbagchallenge

In January, Andy Lewis posted on his Facebook page challenging slackliners everywhere to collect trash wherever they play. The #trashbagchallenge has since been seen on at least three continents as posts have collected using the hashtag. We’re sharing these stories to encourage everyone to take up the #trashbagchallenge wherever you are.

Share your photos with us on Instagram (@slacklineus) and Twitter (@slacklineus) or in the comments below and we’ll help spread the stoke. Let’s make a visible effort to take care of the places where we play, whether the trash is yours or not.

Hey world! I’d love to introduce(again) the #trashbagchallenge ! This time just on Facebook. After being shocked at the amount of trash in Mexico I decided to fill a bag with 30lbs of trash. Challenge your friends!~ and let’s clean up the world 1 trash bag at a time. Post your photos on Facebook or Instagram. Tag me, or trash tag #trashbagchallenge on Instagram! Challenge your friends to get dirty and spend a little time making our space on this planet a little nicer! Don’t forget to sort your recycling! #slacklife

Posted by Andy Lewis on Thursday, January 7, 2016

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